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Software for Cleaning Services

Letosys provides best in management software for Cleaning Companies. Employee and project tracking is very complicate in cleaning companies. LetoERP provides employee management, employee Shift scheduling and tracking with timesheets, projects & Invoicing . Procurement and project management is seamlessly connected for budgeting and Cost control.

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Software for Contracting Companies

LetoERP contracting management software in Dubai UAE, is the best choice for contractors to manage resources such Manpower, Materials, Equipment, Sub Contactors and Overheads. Our application provides the best facility starts with BOQ until project completion. Budgeting & Cost control features enabled to control the procurement and control over costing for any contracts. Also Maintenance management modules are integrated.

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Software for Enterprise Warehouses

Enterprise always face challeges of inbound and outbound logistics. LetoEWMS comes with different verions. Inventoy tracking and barcode labelling with PDA Scanner applications are inbuilt featue. LetoEWMS can be used by internal usage, third party ussage warehouse management. Completely configure Bin & Yard location with space planning facilites.

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5 pages of 5 items

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