Document Management Software

Successful business required to keep policies and procedures need to be documented. Control of records and documents is a very critical job in any organization. ISO 9001 requires document control, record control and procedures explaining that how you are maintaining control. HIPAA requires Access control. Sarbanes-Oxley requires access and revision control.

So any fast growing business needs to control their documents and practice paperless office. Document management software plays a vital role in any organization saving and archiving the entire document and it saves the space occupied by the document folders.

Web based Leto Document Management Software provides the best control of your organization. Additionally the version and record control with Workflow enabling for the power of approval system. LetoDMS enables t upload and manage all type of documents like pdf, jpeg, doc, ppt, xls, TIFF,png, gif, mp3, mp4….etc

Physical Records Management Software

Finding Physical records can be a big task. Many Organization have years of information stored in multiple locations, but always when it comes to get it these files, people will waste lot of time to search the record. Every organization has different functions with different requirements of storing file records, to consolidate all in simple way, you need to choose our Physical record management software. Apply the best practice with unified process of creating references to identify the physical records. LetoPRM provides the facility of combining both physical and electronic records. It gives you single view of all your inventory, and helps to manage the life cycle of your physical document records. with LetoPRM-Physical Records module gives you security and consistency with improved practice.

Physical Records Management Solutions in the Middle East and Africa

Any active or inactive records or files in the company need attention and to keep safely in a particular storage space or warehouse or file room to avoid the space consumption in all the employees or departmental desk or document racks. Lot of security concerns to be required of any confidential or legal documents in the company and also long term prevention of document access problems.


Physical records management to be more concerned, especially when dealing with increasing volumes of records and complex management policies, companies face a major challenge: they must anticipate the risks related to legal document losses or damages.

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