Project Management System in dubai

Job/Project Management Software

LetoPRMS specifically designed for tracking cost against a project and final budget. Do perfect job estimation with Materials, Manpower, Sub Contractors, equipment cost. job/Project budget can be established with escalation factor. Leto Notifications and workflow factors work with budget and cost control module and notifies on right time to the concerned department people

Most of the ISO companies does follow good job/Project practice management software to eliminate the cost against the manual work Oftenly people depends on Excel Spread sheet, but to prepare the Reports from excel sheet are cumborsome. Track Cost in any situation for Labors, materials, Sub Contractors, Equipment and other overheads. Web based Leto Project Management Software provides the best control of your organization. Centralized project environment enables you to get clear picture of all your project execution. LetoPRMS is identified one of the best job/project costing software in dubai abudhabi uae and middle east

Project Planning and Execution Software

LetoPRMS provides the facility to manage and plan your project and monitoring cost control management. Scheduling and resheduling and resource allocation for the project is key point.

How it works