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Leto ERP Introduction

LetoERP is globally accepted IFRS based ERP system which helps your organization to keep in control. Letoerp offers the reliability and ease of acces from anywhere anytime basis to increase profitability of your business. Easily understandable user interface ensures your users to understand the flows easily. As one of the leading ERP software companies in Dubai,Abu dhabi and UAE, Letoerp provides ERP solution that helps the organization to integrate all data and processes into a single unified system.Superior Architecture: flexible and scalable – grows with your business – Ultimate, Supreme and Premium Enterprise Editions to scale painlessly and cost-effectively with company growth. View Details ►


Best HRMS in dubai

Human Resources and Payroll Management Software

Leto HR and Payroll is the globally accepted well defined human resources management application to manage your Employees effectively. Superior Architecture: flexible and scalable – grows with your business – Ultimate, Supreme and Premium Enterprise Editions to scale painlessly and cost-effectively with company growth.Categorize your employees with multiple segments; each segment becomes a reporting dimension in its own right. If an Employee number is segmented into different sub levels such as branch, Division, department and project, it is possible to extend financial reporting to include combinations of these different sub levels.You can easily transfer critical HR information on a routine basis with strong import/export capabilities

As a leading HR and Payroll Software companies in Dubai,Abu dhabi and UAE, LetoHRMS drives decision making personalized dashboards with Graphical Reports.LetoHRMS software makes routine tasks easier and keep all the information stored in one centralized location. Start using the centralized HR software, you will be able to take the weak areas of your business and change them to make them efficient. LetoHRMS has extended its wings to all middle east like Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi, Oman and Qatar as one of the leading HR and Payroll Solution Vendor

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Top EDMS Software in dubai

Document Management Software

Successful business required to keep policies and procedures need to be documented. Control of records and documents is a very critical job in any organization. ISO 9001 requires document control, record control and procedures explaining that how you are maintaining control. HIPAA requires Access control. Sarbanes-Oxley requires access and revision control. Any fast growing business needs to control their documents and practice paperless office. Document management software plays a vital role in any organization saving and archiving the entire document and it saves the space occupied by the document folders.

Web based Leto Document Management Software provides the best control of your organization. Additionally the version and record control with Workflow enabling for the power of approval system. LetoDMS enables to upload and manage all type of documents like pdf, jpeg, doc, ppt, xls, mp3, mp4….etc

As a Leading Document Management Software companies in dubai, Abu dhabi and UAE, We professionally implement and customize based on the client's company practice. Completely browser based application enables you to access the document anywhere and anytime basis. Now LetoDMS-document management system available across middle east like Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi and Oman as leading Document management system

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Facility management system in dubai

CFMS- Computerized Facilties Management Software

Optimised web based facilities management software to manage your facilities effectively.LetoCFMS Application can be effectively used for airports,factories, offices, buildings, General areas, stores and event venues for streamlined operations and maintenance. LetoCFMS is facilities management system that works together with your business and allows day-to-day operation with management process. Our System tracks maintain and manage your assets effectively.

LetoCFMS is purpose-built and 100% web based integrated facility management software enable professionals to manage your assets and other facilities including help desk and Workflow management

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Legal Management Consultants in dubai

CLMS - Computerized Legal Management Software

If you have been searching for a better way to build the law practice, you have found the right solution. LetoCLMS is 100% web based Legal Management Software with own Billing and Trust Accounting Software. As unique Legal management software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE, LetoCLMS is widely used by leading law firms whose are more professionals in the related field..

LetoCLMS Practice and Case Management Software provides attorneys with a convenient method of effectively managing client and case information, including contacts, time management, documents by facilitating automation in law practices. More professional application avoids duplication and time management effectively. Application can be used in Standard IPAD, or any Android Tablets for case input and output information anytime anywhere basis. You can schedule any meetings and centralized notifications management reminds you about the calendar events.

Document management module helps you to keep all the files related case/matter also since web based application doesn’t requires any installation on any computer.Freedom of choice: Either you can host in the Cloud Servers or in the Local Intranet Servers.

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Maintenance Consultants in dubai

Computerized Maintenance Management Software - CMMS

LetoCMMS is completely browser based Maintenance Management software designed for Effective maintenance of all your office and industrial Assets. Elegant and intuitive design interface for easy usage. Maintenance software can vary from basic to Complex solution based on the industry practice needs.LetoCMMS changes your maintenance culture instead of spending hour and hours taking reporting and running behind technicians. Our system makes easy your workflow and tracks all the works on time. Quick ROI and can be implemented in very short time. Being Leading CMMS software solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE, we customize the CMMS solution based on the nature of requirement with available module and designing modules.

UAE is one of the biggest business committed countries requires CMMS in medium to Enterprises. World’s most reputed facilities management companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE uses CMMS software from Letosys. Also our CMMS software is extended its opportunities across gulf regions with Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi and Qatar. With effective Project Management, Budgeting and Cost Control process in LetoCMMS Software provides best control of your Maintenance of equipment to get exact control to avoid overspend. LetoCMMS provides the best comparison of cost expenses against the depreciated amount of every equipment for better decision making progress.

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Property Software Consultants in dubai

Property Management Software

Why to use Property Management Software? Answer is to simply save money. Managing Property is a huge responsibility. In Order to ensure the best results and profitably running business, property managers and Owners should use Property Management software. Using Leto Property Management Software to ensure to keep all details related to the property and having reminders such as Contracts, documents of tenants, properties. LetoPMS Property Management Software has emerged as a leading cost-cutting measure for today’s most competitive businesses. Leto Property Management software provides powerful analytic information systems to customer for reducing costs across the globe.

LetoPMS - Property Management Software is available across middle east and especially recognized as the leading property management software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi (Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah). Internet made everything simple. Keeping web based property management software can control property well from anywhere anytime basis. LetoPMS best features can make any landlord happy to get all the details of their property and tenancy history. Leto CRM tool can helps the customer for better communication. Document management tool can keep and track of all documents related to the property documents like tenant Passports, Visa, Contracts, Cheques….etc.,

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Faciltiy Management Consultants in dubai

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relation Management is a strategy to learn more about customer need and behavior in order to develop stronger relationships with them. Good customer relationships are at the heart of business success. Leto CRM 800 Software is one of the leading software in the Middle East market. Leto CRM provides powerful features for Sales, Marketing and Support. An Effective Leto CRM 800 Software can increase revenue by Providing Services and products that are exactly what your customers are looking for, Offering better customer service, Cross selling opportunities, Helps sales staff close their deals faster, Retaining existing customers and discovering new ones, New Market identification and penetration, Forecasting the business expectation, Increasing market value, Understanding Competitor and Market Share, Marketing and introducing new products to the market..

CRM demand always increasing based on the market business structure. Being as a leading CRM software solution c ompany in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Other gulf countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman, Letosys offers wide range of web based software solutions to increase the market share and business revenue. CRM software requirement in Asian and Gulf region increased comparing before.

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